Conference Day 1

14 September 2021


PRESENTATION | A redefining journey

Learn how to redefine yourself. Neil will share his personal journey from, bids to business development in South Africa, to UK and how COVID is changing the landscape. Neil has experience in redefining his role over the years and helping his team win business.

Neil Philipson (CPP APMP Fellow), WIN Team Lead, Mott MacDonald


BidX Sessions (10 minutes)


PRESENTATION | Ubuntu: The bedrock of sales enablement: People don’t buy goods and services, humans do.

Well, if you are puzzled by this it’s probably because you haven’t made the connection between ubuntu and sales enablement. Interestingly, companies that have made that connection are the ones that have been successful in their sales in these tough times.

Sibusiso Msomi, Managing Director, The Sales Enablement Company


BidX Sessions (10 minutes)


PRESENTATION | Skilling or Killing – Ingenuity for Future Survival

Ingenuity is essential across the Business Ecosystem as we balance digital transformation and the personalised offerings per client. With a lot of technology-related trends aimed at further automating and digitalising sales. There are also requirements to optimise customer relationship management, ensuring personalisation. This is where the members of the Bid teams can make a massive difference, taking the generic and making it personal. What unites the two extremes is meaningful customer-centricity and this requires relevant bid team member skills to increase the probability of winning.

Peter Davies, Chairman, ICDL SA (International Certification in Digital Literacy South Africa), Chief Exective Officer, PL Davies and Associates


BidX Session | To bid or Not to Bid? That is the question.

Some companies win more bids, tenders, and proposals than others. Have you wondered what their secret is? What if there was no secret? What if the reason your competitors are more successful is that they make better bid decisions, respond to fewer bids, and win more?

Izane Cloete-Hamilton (CPP APMP), Master of Inspiartion, nFold

BidX Session | The Psychology of Bidding.

Psychology plays a vital role in the science of winning business. The art is in mastering the skills, tools, and techniques to effectively trigger the right elements that influence decision making. This session explores concept of persuasion in proposals.

Larissa Cornelius (CPP APMP), Chief Win Strategist, nFold


PRESENTATION | Demystifying the thud factor – Where bidders go wrong?

The proposal that hits the table the hardest is the one that wins? True or not? Working with Procurement Teams within the publics sector common issues where bidders (both large and small business) lose out on winning. This session will share procurements perspective on common issues that bidders should look at resolving.

Shaun Scott, Director, WiL


Q & A


ESD Expo / Expo time

Conference Day 2

15 September 2021


PANEL DISCUSSION | Balancing the Salt and Pepper – Ethical Bids

In the context of the SA environment where fraud and corruption are at the forefront and big organisations are finding it themselves in the news, what actually is the bid offices role within curbing fraud and corruption. This panel explores the governance, risks and controls needed to win business ethically.


PRESENTATION | An intentional career path

COVID and digitation has changed everything. Less time in front of decision makers – means more reliance on proposals and bids. The result is the increase in demand for proposal professionals. This session looks at the exciting career path from school leavers to those in business of bids for years.

Gary Tintinger (CF APMP), Sales & Marketing Professional, Keynote Speaker


Q & A


PRESENTATION | Redefining the link between sales and bids

Exponential changes taking place and changing the way we win business. The businesses that win more understand the vital role proposal people play in the overall business development process. The primary role of bidding is to enable buyers to select your proposal.

Ismail Cassim, Head: Tender Team, Nedbank


BidX Session (10 minutes)


TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE | The big bid quiz?

Attendees will join in a live quiz on bid/proposal/sales best practices. Have fun testing your knowledge and learning at the same time.

Belinda Engelbrecht (CF APMP), Bid Studio Lead, AECOM