Municipal Indaba


Smart Procurement World will host a Municipal Supply Chain Management Stream in partnership with CIGFARO as part of our programme in 2019.  We will examine what SCM executives on a local level can do to implement new government regulations and policies as well as how to drive top LED strategies.

The Annual Municipal SCM stream in this year’s programme is set to be SA’s leading Local Government Supply Chain Summit. The conference examine what SCM executives at local level can do to implement new government regulations and policies. The conference also aims to drive top LED strategies whilst sharing best practice in public sector supply chain management for local government.


Municipalities in South Africa face unique challenges from a Supply Chain perspective. Responsible for Local Economic Development, municipal authorities should understand the intricate relationship between this mandate and supply chain on one hand. On the other, processes must be in place to deal effectively with disclosures of interest and to ensure that municipalities close the gap on audit findings.


Heads of Supply Chain

Bid Committee members

Internal Audit Managers

Finance Managers

Municipal Managers

Chief Financial Officers

SCM Managers

Procurement Managers

Chief Buyers

Contract/Project Managers

Project Managers

Tenders Managers