Public Sector

The summit gives you practical guidelines on how to procure and manage suppliers in a state of emergency in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

See how you can move towards 4IR in the public sector. Prepare yourself for the New Procurement Act. See the Rands and Sense of public sector procurement and supply chain management post-COVID-19. The conference will demonstrate how supply chain management can help track investment, create jobs, champion real growth and stabilise SOEs.

Sensible B-BBEE Compliance Public Sector |

The SCM domain is a function of legislative prescripts. How each entity will respond will directly link to the strategic role of procurement during tough economic times.

CASE STUDY | Productivity in Public Procurement |

A case study of South Africa: Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of public procurement policies and engagements.

PRESENTATION | Becoming the Boss of Your SCM Audit |

The audit process can be a nightmare for SCM practitioners, but there is one effective way to turn the tables and that is to generate your own audit trail. If you get this right, you will rule your supply chain department fearlessly.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT | When Contracts Go Horribly Wrong

When a contract goes horribly wrong, how do you get off the bus and not get run over?               

How do you track supplier contract performance metrics?  When is it ethical to renegotiate a contract during the contract period? How do you optimise upcoming expiring contracts to your organisations advantage?

How do you manage contract changes and what is best practice when it becomes clear that the supplier has to be changed