Adv. Helen Venter-Stander

Director, Brasika

Helen has a wide range of experience gained during her 7 years as a legal technical expert in the government Tender Board and more than 23 years in the financial and regulatory public sector environment. She is skilled at rendering the following services on both an operational and management level: PFMA/MFMA implementation and compliance, Governmental Property Management, SCM, legal advice and legislative drafting, CFO related functions, Human Resource Management, Normative Financial Management, Financial Governance and Political Office Management.

Helen has been a part time lecturer at the USB, UCT and Da Vinci Private University. as subject matter expert on the legal and governance framework for government finances as well as contract management and in 2012 she was appointed as a SCM Specialist by the European Union to provide Technical Assistance in Supply Chain Management in support of the PFM Capacity Development Strategy and in 2013 was appointed the initial Team Leader for Public Finance Capacity Development at National Treasury via the European Union.

Helen believes in the value government organisations add to citizen’s lives and wishes to be a change agent in making government officials believe the same by establishing tools and templates that will assist them to be more effective and improving their efficiencies. Helen sees herself not as a SCM Specialist, but rather as a Proud Public Servant.