Lindile Xoko

Chief Revenue Officer, Primedia

Lindile Xoko has an MBA with Merit from the University of Birmingham, UK. He is currently completing an Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies course through Harvard Business School and has 24 years of entrepreneurship experience. He has led businesses in South Africa, UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany and the greater EMEA, with a successful track record in growth, strategy, sales, channel development & acceleration, project management, transformation and business development.

Previously, he has been the General Manager of the Small Medium Enterprise division at MTN. Currently, he is the Chief Entrepreneur Officer at Eden, a digital platform that helps entrepreneurs and small enterprises manage and grow their businesses. Lindile is an expert in growing businesses. He also provides this service to fortune 500 businesses by defining a bespoke growth playbook and helping them implement it to achieve a turnaround and ultimately grow. Recently, PRIMEDIA appointed Lindile as the Chief Revenue Officer.

 After many years spent honing his formula of success in business, Lindile decided to share his insights in The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook.

He is passionate about empowering women and the youth through entrepreneurship, education, and technology.