Tyy Ford

Head of Growth, Aktiv60

Tyy wears many hats at Aktiv60 as he embarks on a new journey geared for growth. As Founder and Co-owner, he is at the heart of the organization’s strategic direction. He heads up Strategy, Business Growth, and key partnerships. Driven to democratise wellness by adjusting how we think about it. Outside of the wellness industry, Tyy has been in the corporate world for 18 years holding various roles including senior roles such as Senior Vice President in the Analytics Centre of Excellence at one of SA’s major financial institutions. He holds an IMM Diploma among a couple of other certificates including management certificates from GIBS. He completed his theory subjects for his MBA through MANCOSA, and deliberately held back on completing his thesis, in fear that he would not leave the corporate world to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. But this time he’ll complete his Masters in Health Administration.

He dealt with and learned how to manage severe Depression in 2020/21, during the Covid-19 pandemic. His personal battle with depression forced him to use prescribed anti-depressants to normalise the chemical imbalance in his neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions. It was during this dark time that his only escapism was running. He now subscribes to the philosophy that exercise is medicine. By taking up running, he started to free his mind from the dark hold of depression and started gaining an appetite for life; and that was the start of a new path on his journey to a fulfilled life. Following this experience, Tyy’s wellness moonshot was birthed, ‘To create a world, free of preventable disease using his medical fitness centres headed by Biokineticists, who will use medical protocol for fitness & medical rehabilitation to prevent non-communicable conditions such as cardiovascular conditions, and diabetes, and Depression, to mention a few.’

In addition to all Tyy’s achievement, he is an accomplished, and self-driven athlete, having competed in many road-cycling races, having cycled from Johannesburg to Durban (in 4 days) for the 2015 Amashova Cycle Tour, having competed in many a road race from 5km to 21km races, enjoying strength training and even taking on the dreaded CrossFit discipline.