Prof. Karsten Machholz

Karsten Machholz

Post COVID-19 Supply Chains Activist, Germany

Professor Dr. Karsten Machholz has been appointed Professor for Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management by the University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg- Schweinfurt in 2012. His areas of research are Corporate Social Responsibility, Risk Management, and Blockchain technology in Supply Chains. He has presented the results of his studies at various conferences in the US, Europe and Australia. Dr. Machholz has gained more than 25 years of experience in the Chemical, Strategic Consulting, Pharma and Biotech sector, recently as a Member of the Board. Today, he serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board of Akirolabs, CEO and Founder of CPO Consulting,  and Founding Partner of Health Procurement Europe.  Besides this, he acts as an Ambassador of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge and serves as a member of the Transnational Transparent Procurement Foundation.