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This new and exciting online event is for all IT and procurement professionals.  It will help you improve your IT sourcing techniques and relationships with vendors, while optimising supply chain performance.

An online event dedicated to overcoming the unique challenges and unpacking the best practices of sourcing your organisation’s digital needs.  Have you got the tools and knowledge you need to deliver your service fully within your organisation?

Get it right – Welcome Smart Procurement World’s first IT Sourcing Summit!

  • Learn practical ways on how to renegotiate existing large IT contracts and achieve immediate cost savings
  • Use key negotiating tips and tactics with your IT suppliers to reach a win/win deal with IT giants
  • Learn how to dramatically reduce your Software, Hardware, Networking and Telecommunications costs through a sourcing plan that talk to your organisation’s strategy
  • Decide between Insourcing vs Outsourcing – How to come to a winning outsourcing deal in these times of COVID-19 to compensate for job cuts
  • Keep control but transfer liability while increasing operating capital
  • How to use Procurement and IT sourcing best practice to navigate the new needs of your organisation during and post COVID-19
  • Steps to a Winning Strategic IT Sourcing Strategy
  • The IT Out Sourcing Phenomenon – Understanding Challenges, Trends and Best-Practices
  • Managing IT assets through their life cycle
  • The Pitfalls of License Negotiations
  • Drafting IT Contracts in a COVID-19 Environment

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