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IT sourcing leaders are still using cost savings and cost avoidance strategies along with compliance and risk allocation practices to inform their buying decisions. 

That has to change – IT sourcing should be used to drive disruptive change. 

IT Sourcing Summit is back to give you more practical sourcing techniques for you to enjoy improved relationships with vendors, while optimising organisation IT performance.

An online event like no other, dedicated to overcoming the unique challenges and unpacking the best practices of sourcing your organisation’s digital needs.  

Let’s Make a Deal and Negotiate with IT Vendors – the right way. 

  • Deliver Value With Strategic ICT Sourcing: How do you step on the gas and focus on IT sourcing models that capture easy to prove, rapid ROI and deliver value?
  • Understand What the Priority Objectives for IT Sourcing Strategy Should Be: How do you reduce risk through your sourcing strategy and make sure you avoid unsustainable contracts that lead to cost escalation?
  • Source Different Technologies: What informs what strategy you should use for different technologies?
  • Monitor IT Service Providers: How do you ensure that procurement of IT solution providers is meeting your organisation’s needs in a fast-changing global economy

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