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Wednesday, 16 SEPTEMBER 2020


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OPENING KEYNOTE | The Outsourcing Paradox: Inherent Flaws with the Conventional Outsourcing Approach and How to Fix it

Kate Vitasek shares provocative insights from her award winning research and latest Harvard Business Review Article on why conventional approaches to outsourcing fall short. Hint: Outsourcing is not bad, but how we outsource is. This provocative keynote address unpacks the inherent flaw with outsourcing and offers a simply five simple “rules” for how to improve your outsourcing efforts.

Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Researcher: Vested Outsourcing Business Model, Graduate & Executive Education, University of Tennessee


PRESENTATION | Steps to a Winning Strategic IT Sourcing Strategy and Category Plan

How do you eliminate risk through your sourcing strategy and make sure you don’t make the wrong decisions that lead to contract burdens, service delivery issues and cost escalation

Ronald Flockhart (MBA) (MCIPS), Group Sourcing Head, FirstRand group


PRESENTATION | Understanding and Managing IT Vendor Relationships: Does it Matter? How to Source and Procure IT Vendor Management Solutions that enhance these relationships

Vendor relationship management is more about adding that human touch to the process of vendor management by understanding, developing and working in collaboration with suppliers; rather than just the traditional “minding and monitoring” them on an ongoing basis.

Why is this particularly important for IT suppliers? Does IT supplier relationship management hold relevance in current times with the COVID-19 pandemic and can it significantly influence businesses? How can a robust vendor management system compliment the human interaction?

Stacy McTavish, Head of Supply Chain, Dimension Data MEA


PANEL DISCUSSION | Sourcing Technology and Organizational Alignment – Software and Hardware

Organisations will spend close to $4 trillion on technology in 2020.

What does a worldclass software and hardware procurement strategy look like?                                                                                                                                        How to dramatically reduce your Software, Hardware, Networking and Telecommunications costs through a sourcing plan that talk to your organisation strategy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        How to better align procurement, organisational goals with IT to enable a 360 degree digital transformation.                                                                    Get a model of a software and hardware procurement process from a leading organisation.

Mediacy Mudekwa, Head of Content, Smart Procurement World

Kelechi Nduka-Dike MCIPS, Group Manager: Sourcing Process and Governance, MTN Group, UAE                                                                                          Blake D’Oliveira, Head: Supply Chain, Cape Town International Convention Centre                                                                                                                      Manav Sachdeva, Associate Partner, Letsema Consulting                                                                                                                                                                                        Gino Frank, Service Delivery Operations Manager, Accenture                                                                                                                                                                  Evanson Njomo, Procurement Manager, UN Women




PRESENTATION | IT Sourcing and Procurement Talent – A Strategic Business Enabler

What are the emerging skills set for CIOs and IT sourcing managers that are essential to drive business forward and future success?

Greig Bannatyne, Country Co-Leader: Agile DevOps, Netherlands


KEYNOTE | Developing Excellent Efficiencies in IT Sourcing

How to ensure that procurement of IT solution providers is meeting your organisation’s needs in a fast-changing global economy How to use Procurement and IT sourcing best practice to navigate the new needs of your organisation during and post COVID-19

Jon Butler, Principal, StrategyShore, USA, Author – Nobody gets fired for outsourcing to India, but they should!


PRESENTATION | Collaborative Vendor Management: Reduce your risk and increase efficiency

Addressing concerns about contractual disagreements with IT service providers.                                                                                                                                    Get the basics right, with practical tips and tactics for increasing supplier performance.                                                                                                                    Get effective ways to collaborate with IT vendors to reduce risk, achieve desired outcomes and get more from your vendor relationships.

Simon Annan, Procurement Consultant, Public Financial Management Reform Project (World Bank Funded Project), Ministry of Finance, Ghana, Former Head, Strategic Sourcing and Project Management (SSPM), Heritage Bank Ghana


PRESENTATION | The Relationship Advantage: Information Technologies, Sourcing and Management

How do you close the gap between IT and procurement? This session provides insight into some top IT sourcing deals that were made possible by bring together top procurement and IT skills both in the public and private sectors. It highlights relationship practices and recurring post-contract management complex issues that demand careful attention and management.

Rafique Jassiem, Executive: Group Procurement, Oceana Group




PRESENTATION | IT Negotiations – Renegotiating IT Contracts and T Negotiation Practices and Tactics

Learn practical ways to renegotiate existing large IT contracts and achieve immediate cost savings                                                                                                Get the Dos and Donts of negotiating complex IT deals                                                                                                                                                                                                 Use key negotiating tips and tactics with your IT suppliers to achieve cost savings during and post COVID-19

Andrew Downard, Certified Deal Architect, Supply Chain Risk Management, University of Tennessee, Vested, Asia Pacific


PRESENTATION | Managing Change with Cloud Driven Innovations

Celicia Jansen van Rensburg, SCM Solution Engineer, South-Africa & SADC, Oracle


PRESENTATION | Navigating Software License Negotiations – Pitfalls and Best deals

A deep dive into software packaging, licensing, pricing and contracting business practices to effectively leverage an IT solution and maximise value from your investments.

How to reach a win/win deal with IT giants

Mercy W. Wairua, Infrastructure, Project Finance & Information Technology Lawyer, Mota-Engil Africa


TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICE PROVIDERS’ PANEL | Sourcing the Right Technology for Managing Suppliers

Important steps to help you and your organisation source and select the right technology to enable more effective governance of managed services relationships and suppliers

Moderator:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mediacy Mudekwa, Head of Content, Smart Procurement World
Anne-Emmanuelle Grené, Head, Oxalys South Africa (Pty) Ltd                                                                                                                                                                  Annelien Vorster, ERPM Applications Solution Engineering Manager, Oracle
Manav Sachdeva, Associate Partner, Letsema Consulting
Schalk Burger, Director & CTO, Supply Chain Partner


PRESENTATION | Market Analysis of Cyber Security Suppliers

What’s trending in cybersecurity threats that can potentially affect procurement?
How to perform an overall cybersecurity risk assessment
5 actions you must take now to mitigate third-party cybersecurity risk

Venisha Nayagar, CISO, Data Protection Advisor, Women in Cyber Advocate, Managing Director, CRYPT IT Information Risk Management