Meet your facilitator:
Thys Goosen

Thys has more than twenty years of management experience in both the public and private sectors, and across several industries including service, retail, aviation, manufacturing, building, telecoms, transport, automotive and mining. Thys has been responsible for the successful initiation, implementation and completion of many large contract. Some of his most notable achievements have been in Procurement and Supply Chain, where he has designed, compiled and managed the implementation of world-class procurement practices in organisations such as MTN International, Namdeb (De Beers), McCains, ABSAm Bidvest (TFMC) and many more.

Thys Goosen


Getting it right and Maximising Results

The ICT landscape is more complex than ever making it a challenge to have a competent sourcing team, the right skills and resources to deliver in a cost effective way. Many sourcing relationships in place need updating to reflect this new reality. This course will help you to drive better value from ICT sourcing strategies by identifying and minimising risk in your ICT deals. It will look at practical ways and approaches where third parties can be used, and assist with the procurement and configuration of these services and setting up the governance required for effective operations.

  • StrategyWhat are the steps to an effective sourcing strategy?
  • budgetHow do you avoid increased or unexpected program costs using your sourcing strategy?
  • Total Cost of OwnershipHow do you factor the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model including all internal and external costs into your sourcing strategy?
  • rapid scale up of ICT How do you keep up with the rapid scale up of ICT sourcing and procurement operations?
  • ProcessBe able to implement a strategic sourcing strategy to maximise total cost savings, value, vendor access, and socioeconomic participation


Pre-Contract Planning and Post Award Contract Management

Pre-contract due diligence is the single most important preparatory activity that you need to undertake successfully for any IT Sourcing project. What exactly are the types of due diligence exercises you should undertake before signing a contract? Who should be involved in that process and how will you enforce performance on service level agreements?


After a contract is awarded, how do you deliver aggressive cost optimisation strategies and manage complex vendor relationships especially in an outsourced environment? During times of disruption or economic stress, business leaders have an increased appetite for radical change. You should know how to exploit this by pre-identifying sourcing of opportunities that can streamline business processes and improve efficiencies in a contract.
This course is designed to shift your technology spend into channel funds, through well crafted contracts and drive business value and competitive differentiation in times of trouble.