Sarina Viljoen

The Global Authority on Digital Transformation, Author of Pitfalls of going Digital

South Africa

Sarina has played in the space of automating businesses for the past 25 years. Her insights from writing computer code to designing data models to mapping strategic business roadmaps, enables her to call out the myths surrounding digitalisation - to question where digital transformation resources are best spent. Sarina is passionate about customer experience failures caused by ill conceived digital transformation projects, which has earned her the reputation of global authority on customer-centric digital transformation. This passion sees her mentoring organisations on the nuances of customer experience in the digital economy and shining a light on the business foundations necessary for sustainable growth.

In her new book The Pitfalls Of "Going Digital", Sarina reveals 10 myths that senior executives must know to win the battle for the digital customer. Through personal insights and case studies, she shares several stories aimed at ensuring your organisation's "digital road map" is not at risk for losing customers before spending millions of dollars on solutions. Sarina has three kids and loves travel, photography and cycling and escapes to the outdoors as often as possible with her husband. She has consulted widely on the architecture of the Enterprise in South Africa, London, Norway and China.Sarina hold a BSc Computer Science from the University of Johannesburg and a MSc (MOTI) from The Da Vinci Institute.

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