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17 CPD Hours


Smart Supplier offers SMMEs a real opportunity to meet the buyers from South Africa's top corporate and government and designed to help SMMEs understand how they can do business with organisations in SA.


SMMEs in South Africa still struggle to access markets and get sustainable contracts. In this conference, senior buyers talk through the various processes that are essential to access their organisations (markets).

This is where SMMEs meet sourcing, procurement, purchasing and buying professionals from government and the private sector, to learn more about their requirements and meet their needs. This conference aims to boost supplier performance, preparing corporate ready suppliers to be a #SMARTSUPPLIER.

08:30 Morning registration

09:00 Opening Remarks from MC

09:05 Opening Keynote Address: Taking care of business: Building a sustainable supply chain governance framework

  • Actions implemented by local government to improve the state of EME and QSE doing sustainable business in KZN

09:30 Presentation: Reshaping the way you do business - looking at how regulatory requirements can cripple EMEs and QSEs and how businesses can overcome these challenges.

10:00 PANEL DISCUSSION | Considerations for EMEs and QSEs in their Quest for Business with Public or Private Sectors

Why is strategy so important? What are the big pitfalls? Most importantly - what should you do once you have secured business to ensure continued success with that client?

10:30 Mid-morning Refreshments and Networking

11:00 -13:00 SAB Masterclass: Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas covers the process of taking an idea and ensuring that it solves a problem and gives an understanding of the target market i.e. how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value.

The business model canvas uses 9 building blocks to create and analyse business models;

1. Customer segments

2. Value proposition

3. Channels

4. Customer relationships

5. Revenue streams

6. Key activities

7. Key resources

8. Key partners

9. Cost structure

Go to market provides an overview of the importance of sales and the various topics that contribute to a successful sales plan. The session focuses on the following topics targeted at start-ups and SMMEs

  • The importance of sales
  • Break even analysis and profitability in terms of sales. How much do you need to sell?
  • Understanding and ensuring that you have a sales pipeline
  • Alignment of your value proposition, market segmentation and target setting
  • How to convert your pipeline
  • Calculating your sales conversion rate
  • Creating a sales culture

Mbali Zamisa, Senior Business Coach, SAB

13:00 Lunch and Networking

14:00 - 16:00 SAB MASTERCLASS 2: Finance

  • Understanding the different types of business.
  • Understand the importance of cash flow
  • Understand basic implications of taxes and understand which tax "vehicle" is best suited to your business
  • Understand sales strategies
  • Understanding costing

Kishan Ravjee, Senior Business Coach, SAB

  • Suppliers are provided with a practical and relevant overview as to how corporate companies build long term strategic supplier relationships.
  • Suppliers will learn how to significantly increase their chances of competing successfully in the corporate and governmental supply chain
  • Awareness is given to the regulations around corporate supply chain
  • Helping SMMEs and suppliers to develop a performance improvement culture within the supplying organisation

SMMEs / QSE's currently supplying and operating. SMMEs are not limited to a particular product or service, however businesses that have been in operation for more than a year will benefit from attending this event.

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