The 2016 Expo was equally lucrative

Good Day

I trust this email finds you well & equally exhilarated from the Expo. As taxing as it was being out of office for 2 days, I am looking forward to the response from all our enquiries with great enthuasism.

I would like to thank our 2016 Sponsors Grandwest Sun International for their continue support & commitment to our growth & sustained development.

A brief history on our association with Smart Procurement below:

We have been an advent supporter of all CoCT programmes, projects & initiatives to develop SME’s since the inception of our company in 2004. We had religiously attended every single small enterprise development forum to create an awareness about our brand & service offering and always maintained good relations with the CoCT & affiliated parties. Our journey has afforded us exposure with RED DOOR, NYDA, SEDA, SHANDUKA, CoCT, TRADEWORLD to mention but a few.

We were invited by CoCT in 2014 to attend our first SMART PROCUREMENT EXPO and this is where we met Heidi Edson from Grandwest.

I was invited to attend a site briefing on an urgent project & we, within 2 days from our attendance at Smart Procurement in 2014 had the opportunity to meet with the Engineering team of Grandwest. We were briefed on the scope & on submission of all our compliance documentation & having successfully completed the vendor registration process was awarded a lucrative contract, which we completed on schedule.

Subsequently, GrandWest has continuously supported our company & we have been awarded concurrent projects to assist our companies growth & development. The association has been one of continuous support & commitment to assisting us, by affording us fair opportunities to tender for their projects.

To-date we have completed the several projects & I am positive our association will only grow in strength. We have had continuous projects running with Grandwest from 2014 & have also provided our services to other divisions within the Sun International group. We could have been more pleased with our initial exhibition hosted by the CoCT in 2014 as we secured a corporate client that truly commits to SME empowerment & development.

The added value of now being a preferred GrandWest – Sun International supplier has indeed been the rewards of years invested into building our brand & ensuring our compliance active even through the most challenging times. We could not have secured a more fitting corporate client …..I initially started my business to create sustainable job creation opportunities and relentlessly pursued clients based on my commitment to empowering others & making a difference to our economy as an SME. Grandwest – Sun International shares this vision and I am there proudest ambassador as we have had the honour to work on projects in which GrandWest makes a positive difference to the community in terms of their CSI projects.

The journey has been full circle for us as SME from 2014 to 2016. Having been hosted by CoCT & to end up as host of GrandWest – Sun International in 2016 is truly a milestone for us & testimony of the potential Smart Procurement can yield for SME’s that are comply with corporate requirements in terms of procurement. The 2016 Expo was equally lucrative as we met & engaged with several national & local procurement departments & have already had potential leads & queries as result thereof. We are hoping that other corporates will follow in footsteps of GrandWest – Sun International.

Sincerest Regards

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