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Dr. Sudhakar Muniyasamy

Senior Researcher

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Dr. Sudhakar Muniyasamy, a Technical leader in the field of bioplastics and biobased materials at the Polymer and Composites, CSIR Material Science and Manufacturing Unit in PE, South Africa. He earned his Bachelor and Master's degree in Biological Science from Madurai Kamaraj University, and M.Phil degree in Biotechnology from University of Madras, India. He Obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Science from University of Pisa, Italy.

His principal interest is focused on Research and development of:
 Biodegradable plastic from natural & synthetic origin by designing,
processing, stabilization, modifications of plastics for various applications
such as automotive, biomedical and packaging (flexible film and rigid).
He has specialties in the area of biodegradable polymer, life cycle assessment
(LCA), polymer durability, International (ASTM, ISO and EN) labelling of
environmental claims and certifications for biobased products.
He has published 14 peer-reviewed journal articles, 1 book chapter and 1 book. He
has attended and presented 30 research papers in various international conferences
and meetings. He was the recipient of prestigious International Galileo Gallei
Fellowship for top three young researchers in chemical science at the University of
Pisa - Italy (2007-2010).
He had post doc experiences from bioproducts discovery development centre
(BDDC), University of Guelph- Canada and University of Pisa - Italy. He has been
actively involved in scientific reviews of various international journals which relates to
degradable and bio/environmental polymers. His R&D excellence has helped in
developing various industrial bio-products and recently his research innovations
have brought three biobased products technology to the biomaterials manufacturing.


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