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Dr Ntombi Valencia Khumalo

MMC for Corporate and Shared Services

City of Johannesburg

In tertiary Dr Khumalo was chair of a number of culture codes- dance, diversity and drama, she was very active in student politics and leadership, she has represented women in leadership in parliament and received awards for her outstanding role in leadership; she was appointed residence manager assistant in her second year of study at Witwatersrand Technikon which is currently known as UJ, after merging with 2 other tertiary institutions.

She completed a National diploma, bachelor's degree and master's degree in Somatology and she lectured for 8 years at UJ, while lecturing she took a shift in career and did her PhD in Medical aesthetics and completed it in June 2016, throughout her life she participated in politics which she is passionate about and the allowance it offers, for her to be making a difference in the lives of people as did her academic career.
She is currently an MMC for Corporate and Shared Services at the City of Johannesburg, a position that continues to allow her to be influential and impactful in the lives of people.
Dr Khumalo has throughout her life done a lot of community service, she has worked with children, the elderly and youth. She further has initiated training and motivational activities for young people within her political party constituency - generally she is passionate about people.

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