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Ian Russell

CEO and Founder

Disrupting Consultancy Pty

Ian Russell is the CEO and Founder of Disrupting Consultancy Pty, a niche Board advisory company focused on the power of positive disruption and digital tools to create a whole new clockspeed and performance trajectory for business.

Ian's last corporate role was as CEO of BCX, Africa's largest technology company, with a turnover of around $2bn and a workforce numbering 10,000 employees. Prior to this, Ian was an ExCo member at Telkom, and one of the driving forces behind the recent turnaround of the once ailing telco.

Ian's original background was in supply chain and procurement, and he has been a CPO multiple times, in the telco, FMCG and financial services sectors.

Ian's latest book, "The Other End of the Telescope" is released in April 2019, and has been described by Dion Chang, Futurist and Founder of Flux Trends as "the wisdom of 25 years of hindsight, distilled into one potent antidote for the Kool Aid being consumed by most businesses as they attempt to face a new world order in which all the old corporate rules no longer hold sway."

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