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The DNA of Procurement

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Discover the pulse of procurement innovation at the 2024 Smart Procurement World Indaba, where ‘The DNA of Procurement’ takes center stage. 

Uncover the intricacies that define procurement’s genetic makeup, exploring the interconnected strands that shape every decision, transaction, and relationship. 

Just as the DNA carries the genetic information that shapes living organisms, the DNA of Procurement intricately weaves through every aspect of the supply chain, determining its structure, resilience, and ultimate success.

Unravel the DNA strands with us

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Be a part of the evolution at the forefront of supply chain excellence!

Join industry leaders, visionaries, and professionals to unlock the secrets hidden within “The DNA of Procurement.” This is where innovation meets integration, and where the future of procurement is shaped.
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12th Annual Leaders Forum

This is your gateway to immediate, high-level industry insights curated exclusively for Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs). 

This forum hosts our Procurement and Supply chain leaders for over 10 years fostering an environment where personal experiences and corporate successes are openly shared.

This exclusive space is dedicated to collaboration that builds connections that extend beyond the event. Join us for an enriching experience that goes beyond traditional forums, providing tangible takeaways for CPOs navigating the ever-evolving landscape of procurement.

Attendance for this summit is by invitation only. Leaders only may apply

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17th Annual Public Sector Supply Chain Summit

This Summit is strategically designed to offer practical assistance to Supply Chain practitioners within the public sector. 

 With a 17-year legacy of convening leaders and influencers, this event has established itself as a must-attend industry gathering.

We are committed to enhancing the competencies of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Public Sector Procurement servants. Through needs-directed and competency-based training, we aim to equip professionals with the skills necessary for integrated SCM services. Competence is key to breaking down silos, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the success of the service delivery and economic development goals.

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19th Annual Corporate Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Summit

This Summit is tailored for Private Sector, which provides state-of-the-art strategies procurement practitioners. 

 Under the theme “The DNA of Procurement,” we transcend the ordinary day to day sourcing, and delve into the genetic makeup of procurement excellence. 

This conceptual framework not only captures the essence of procurement as the fundamental building blocks but also emphasizes the interconnected relationships within the supply chain. Join us in redefining the DNA of procurement for a future-driven private sector.

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The world is changing fast due to global environmental issues and political changes. Businesses must be sustainable as demands increase.

Traditionally, businesses aimed at making profits. But does this goal conflict with environmental and social goals? Sustainable Procurement examines how procurement affects the environment, society, and the economy. 

The co-located Sustainability Summit 2024 will guide you in incorporating sustainability into daily practices and the supply chain to meet ESG goals. Join us to understand and take action now!

The Green Zone will feature a range of solutions across alternative energy sources, eco-friendly products, and waste reduction strategies, which will provide attendees with valuable insights into the latest sustainable practices. As a solutions provider, you will have the opportunity to showcase your organisation’s products and services to a highly targeted audience of purchasing managers who are actively seeking sustainable procurement solutions for their organisations.
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Annual Conference


This conference is Africa’s largest in-person conference for bid, proposal, tender, capture, business development, and graphics professionals. Professionals attending this event can look forward to industry education, networking and being part of a community of like-minded professionals.

Indaba 2023


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Smart Procurement World Corporate Expo

This is an opportunity for corporate solutions providers to connect with 600+ Procurement purchasing decision makers from across government and the private sector.

Sponsors and Exhibitors can look forward to 2 days of exclusive networking, engagement and pitching your solutions to a solutions hungry audience.

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14th Annual Absa Enterprise & Supplier Development Expo

The Annual premier linkage platform for SMME suppliers, fostering genuine market access with buyer support featuring 250+ hosted exhibiting SMMES, dedicated on-floor sessions and Supplier Matchup one on one buyer linkage as well as an open visitor day.

ESD Practitioners and SMME Enablement Organisers

Support your beneficiaries by giving them the opportunity to gain access to hundreds of buyers. Their growth is your success

ESD Practitioners and SMME Enablement Organisers

Support your beneficiaries by giving them the opportunity to gain access to hundreds of buyers. Their growth is your success



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