Day 1 - Tuesday, 24 NOVEMBER 2020


OPENING | Remarks from Master of Ceremonies    

Tim Modise, South African Veteran Journalist and Broadcaster, The Modise Network- eNCA




KEYNOTE INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION | Making Sense of the Future of Procurement                                                                                                          With shifting trade tariffs and barriers, the unpredictability of fluctuating commodity prices, market volatility could be at an all-time high over the next 12 months. Using agile procurement strategies will help manage risk and should be at the top of your agenda. What does this mean in practice?                                                                                                                                               

This is how agile procurement can help procurement respond to the “perfect storm” since the great depression. See how 4IR and other future looking technologies can reduce volatility and make supply King of business.       

Colin Cram, Member, EU Working Groups on Innovation: Procurement and Sustainability, Former Director, North West Centre of Excellence, United Kingdom


INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION | What Has the Coronavirus Taught Us About Supplier Management and Global Sourcing?                            The Coronavirus is proving that we need more resilient supply chains. Warnings of supply disruptions have heightened focus on China’s outsized role in global sourcing. Key lessons procurement should learn from the outbreak of the Coronavirus and whether or not you should regret all the outsourcing to Asia.

David Salters, Director of Procurement, Greenview Group, United Kingdom (Author: 10 Best Practices for Procurement Managers in 2020)


PRESENTATION | Surviving the Great Recession: A Story of Business Reinvention                                                                                                                  Observing that the human costs of the coronavirus pandemic are already immeasurable, experts say that the world is heading for a recession as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s. The Outlook for global growth for 2020 is negative.

How can businesses reposition themselves to recover from the great recession and make 2021 a success? See how you majority of companies pass the first wave of re-engineering but fail in demonstrating real growth after a recession. Get the inside story of business reinvention from an economist.

Annabel Bishop, Chief Economist, Investec


PANEL DISCUSSION | Make Procurement Great Again!
What to do when your procurement function seems to be married to a bad reputation. What is the divorce process?
How can you transform procurement from merely a function into a mission that business can rely on for a safe and sound, cost-effective consulting hub?
Unpacking key enablers for that will make procurement great again:
– Governance Quality, Professionalisation, Professional Insurance, Leadership and Consequence Management

Moderator:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mark Kuipers, Team Leader: Technical Cooperation Programme to Promote Good Governance in South Africa, GOPA Worldwide Consultants GmbH

Panelists:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sarie Homan, Head of South Africa Professional Body, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)                                                                            Mpho Nxumalo, Acting Chief Director: SCM Policy and Legal, Chair Interim Supply Chain Management Council (ISCMC), National Treasury   Walter Maleyana, Governance Advisor: SCM Professionalisation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Ronald Mlalazi (FCIPS), CIPS Congress Member for Southern Africa, Managing Director, Commerce Edge SA                                                                  Winnie Kosgey,MBA,MCIPS,MKISM,  County Operations and Supply Chain Expert, Member,  Kenya Institute of Supplies Management


APMP KEYNOTE PRESENTATION | Exploring the Concept of Value

A global perspective from both sides. Jon Williams has been part of Procurement and Bidding teams. This keynote explores how value is a vital component in winning business and how the best win. This session highlights that procurement is not just about price and why. 

Jon Williams, Managing Director of Strategic proposals UK, Author, thought leader




KEYNOTE CEO CASE STUDY | What I learnt about preventing corruption: The World’s First Anti-bribery Management System Understand how the first international standard (ISO 37001) which defines the requirements for an anti-bribery management system will help you prevent, detect and address bribery and corruption by implementing controls. The National Anti-Corruption Council has been mandated by the presidency to drive this ISO standard into all SOEs countrywide. How will it instill an effective anti-bribery culture in the organisation?

Bonus Outcome: effective witness protection

Stephen van Coller, Chief Executive Officer, EOH


PANEL DISCUSSION | Rebuilding Confidence in SOEs                                                                                                                                                                                              A discussion by top current and former SOEs CPOs in South Africa. Here is what they would do if they were president for 1 year. Hear their thoughts on what should be done to fix SOEs. What revenue streams should SOEs create to be more sustainable and profitable.

Moderator:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tim Modise, South African Veteran Journalist and Broadcaster, The Modise Network

Panelists:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr Masimba Phillip Dahwa (FCIPS FCILT FInstLM FIOM),  Former Procurement Officer and Chief Advisor- Procurement,  South African Express Airways                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Edouard Al-Dahdah, Sr. Public Sector Specialist, World Bank Group, Washington DC                                                                                                                Xolani Mpahlwa, Public Sector Governance Strategic Advisor,  South Africa


INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION | Introspective Session – Are You Stuck in a Procurement Rut?
Are you stuck in a rut? How do you stand tall especially when you are in an environment that is not enabling? Why procurement can and should be the epicentre of innovation for business.

Sue Barrett, Author and Advisor in Ethical, Sustainable Ethos for a Better World, Australia




CASE STUDY | Productivity in Public Procurement
A case study of Finland: Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of public procurement policies and engagements.

Molefe-Isaac Fani, Chief Director: Transversal Sourcing, National Treasury

CASE STUDY | Leading CPO Making Financial Sense                                                                   Procurement needs to understand how it can impact the various financial metrics that determine their organisation’s performance. Learn from one of Africa’s leading CPOs how she matches procurement capabilities to AB INBEVs financial goals.                                                                                                                                                                    Finance is often considered to be the language of business. How do we understand this language and the impact ? How do we influence important financial aspects such as: Commitment Accounting, Operating Cash Flow, Capital Employed Profitability and other key ratios.

Taryn Rosekilly, Vice President: Procurement & Sustainability, Anheuser-Busch InBev Africa

PRESENTATION | Municipal Spend Analysis, Demand Management and Strategic Procurement Decision-Making                      Making Demand Management a reality in procurement at a local level. Most municipalities recognise the value of demand management in theory as a key lever for driving efficiency, reducing total costs and making investment decisions. How then do you balance spend and demand management to make strategic decisions without interrupting service delivery?                                                                                                                                        Winnie Kosgey, MBA,MCIPS,MKISM, County Operations and Supply Chain Expert, Member,  Kenya Institute of Supplies Management


REGIONAL CASE STUDY | The Public Procurement Bill and its Enforcement Strategies                                                                            South African public procurement law needs a tougher approach to enforcement to combat corruption. It will have one if it empowers and motivates whistle-blowers. -What should change in The Public Procurement Bill in order to protect and empower do to whistle-blowers? -How whistle-blowers, other citizens, and institutions from the public and privates sectors can help achieve the purposes of the legislation

Ryan Brunette, Research Associate, Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI)                                Jonathan Klaaren, Professor of Law, University of the Witwatersrand

PRESENTATION | 7 Ideas From Best-In-Class Supply Chain Organisations That You Can Implement In Your Organisations Now.                      Making Rands and Sense out of logistics – treating logistics as a profit centre, but this approach requires tough decisions and is still a brave new world.

Dirk Lourens, MCIPS (Chartered), MBA. Former Group Head Supply Chain & Procurement Management, Banro Corp, Canada

PRESENTATION | Municipal Performance Management and Robust Financial Management.                                                 Effective ways to develop financial stability and fiscal resilience – getting out of municipal debt.

Manenzhe Manenzhe,  Chief Financial Officer, City of Johannesburg


PRESENTATION | Big Data Analytics in Public Sector – Strategic Enabler or Leaker of Inconvenient Truths?                                              Big data analytics as a tool for SCM practitioners and auditors to identify and prevent fraud and corruption in public procurement. How to use big data analytics to measure fraud and corruption in government contracts.

Ozias Ncube, Area Head: Management Systems, Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership

LIGHTNING TALKS | Procurement in 2021 – 3 Shifts Procurement Has to Make                                          Markets are changing faster than ever, companies are increasingly reinventing themselves, their products and their processes in order to keep up. For procurement teams, this constant innovation is redefining how they work with a self-sufficient business that demands speed.

Here are procurement leaders presenting 3 shifts procurement must make to prepare for the future and remain relevant.

Lightning Talks Presenters:                                                      Vusani Garrine, Regional Procurement Manager, BP                                                                                                         Ian George, International Procurement Process Transformation and CPO Coach, Propar, United Kingdom                                                                                               Stephen Wills, International Senior Procurement & Supply Chain Expert, Former CPO in Public & Private Business Sectors, Procurenent Central, United Kingdom

PRESENTATION | Bid Committees in Local Government                                                    Establishing high-performance bid committee systems and drafting effective codes of conduct for bid committees.                                         

Co-Presentation:                                              Larissa Cornelius,  Director,  Association of Proposal Management Professionals Gerrit Davids, Lead Advisor: Tenders, TaranisCo Advisory (South Africa)


PRESENTATION | Use of Drones In Public Procurement                                                              Drones can reduce cost elements to departments that deal in areas of infrastructure to enable them to reach structural heights in minutes.

Procuring drones for effective service in the public sector.

Co-Presentation:                                                          Vilashika de la Guerre, Partner: Construction and Infrastructure Practice,  Dentons                                                         Mfana Gwala, Partner: Public Administration, Dentons

CASE STUDY | Using Robotics for Spend Analytics and Process Automation (RPA). There is no denying that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in procurement is still at a nascent stage and there is a long way to go for organisations to make it a mainstream reality. In terms of efficiency, cost reduction and strategy, what makes RPA a business imperative?

Unpack this case study on automating repetitive tasks to enable strong reporting as well as spend analytics capability and improving performance.

Chris Sawchuk, Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader, The Hackett Group

PRESENTATION | Financing Municipal Public Infrastructure                                              What are alternative funding options for financing public infrastructure? Unpacking the benefits and pitfalls of different infrastructure funding strategies.                       

Mercy W. Wairua, Infrastructure, Project Finance & Information Technology Lawyer, South Africa


ESD Expo activities



OPENING | Remarks from Master of Ceremonies

Tim Modise, South African Veteran Journalist and Broadcaster, The Modise Network


MINISTERIAL SPEECH| Reigniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Accelerating SMMEs to Go Mainstream Post COVID-19                           What capacity and contractor development initiatives work for South African small businesses and how can procurement meet the challenge?


PRESENTATION | Breaking Down Monopolies and Building Sustainable Local Industries                                                                                                      What the DTI is doing to create opportunities for Black Industrialists (BI) in monopolised markets.

Nompumelelo Maisela, Acting Director:  Strategy and Advocacy Black Industrialist, Department of Trade and Industry


PRESENTATION | Looking Beyond China and the Coronavirus                                                                                                                                                                            China controls 12.4 percent of global trade, the biggest in the world. No matter where you come from or where you stand politically, one thing is undeniable: Corona Virus has disrupted global supply chains. Rapid and unpredictable events like these can shatter your world anytime. How can procurement prepare and adapt nimbly to the uncertain landscape? Who will be the next mega supplier after China?

Tim Williams (FCIPS), Global Senior Advisor: Procurement, United Kingdom


CASE STUDY | Six Vital Ingredients for Economic Development and How Procurement Can be a Lever                                                                                  Rwanda and Ethiopia are Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Leadership quality, strong governance and ethics are common progress features of these countries. Look out for the other three that stand out as key lessons for other countries in Africa from a procurement and supply chain perspective.

Prof Adrian Saville, Author of “Ensuring that Africa keeps rising: The economic integration imperative, Gordon Institute of Business Science


LIGHTNING TALKS | Getting Transformation and ESD Right – Don’t Give Fish, Offer a Rod                                                                                                      What the transformation lead team should do to demonstrate ROI on ESD investments and influence the board to get their get buy-in. What does a healthy ESD strategy look like? Key Success factors.

Lightning Talks Presenters:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dionne Kerr, Chief Executive Officer, Siyakha Consulting                                                                                                                                                                            Elmarie Goosen, Director of Operations, On Purpose                                                                                                                                                                                              Annie McWalter,  Chief Executive Officer,  SAICA Enterprise Development                                                                                                                                      Yugen Pillay, Director and National Leader– Business Consulting, Grant Thornton                                                                                                                                  Owen van Dongen, Chief Operating Officer, Lean Enterprise Acceleration Programme (LEAP)




PANEL DISCUSSION: Capitalising on Digital Procurement Saves Rands and Makes Sense                                                                                                      Labelled the “final frontier” for modern business, digital and cognitive procurement uses disruptive technologies to streamline the management of the procurement process. What technologies better understand SA’s procurement landscape and how is it the game changer?

Moderator:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mediacy Mudekwa, Head of Content, Smart Procurement World                                                                                     

Panelists:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Marco Plohmann, Head of Procurement, Microsoft South Africa                                                                                                                                                                        Ben Van Zyl, Chief Procurement and Contracts Officer, Telkom                                                                                                                                                                    Sanet Shepperson MBA, FCIPS, EXDip Chartered Procurement & Supply Professional, Executive: Procurement and Property, CELL C


PRESENTATION | Brain Date – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Procurement                                                                                                                            News no one ever wants to hear! There is a 90% chance that you will be redundant by the end of this decade, unless.

Bertrand Maltaverne, International Procurement Digitalist and Skills for the Future Advocate, Austria


PRESENTATION | Implementing the First International Sustainable Procurement Standard                                                                                                            An overview of the key clauses of the first international sustainable procurement standard with relevance for organisations of all sectors and sizes. What it is, what it isn’t and how to truly embed sustainability into your procurement organisation. Are you a world-class sustainable procurement organisation and how do you rank against the standard?

Matjale Matsaung, Managing Director, Sechaba Bauen (Global Sustainable Procurement Consulting and Advisory)




PRESENTATION | Becoming the Boss of Your SCM Audit
The audit process can be a nightmare for SCM practitioners, but there is one effective way to turn the tables and that is to generate your own audit trail. If you get this right, you will rule your supply chain department fearlessly.

Ester Kuugongelwa, Chief Policy Analyst: Legal Support & Compliance at Procurement Policy Unit, Ministry of Finance, Namibia (Namibian Research Associate to the African Procurement Law Unit (APLU)

DEBATE |Is Robotic Process Automation dead? Long live Integrated Automation Platforms.  RPA hasn’t inspired enterprises to rewire their business processes – it’s really just helped them move data around the company faster and require less manual intervention. This could even result in making wrong decisions faster!

How to optimising results through Integrated Automation Platforms.

Nicholas Bell, Chief Executive Officer, Decision Inc.

PRESENTATION | Fixing Power Supply and Investment Readiness at Local Level                                                  The President committed to fixing load shedding with IPPs. Is SCM prepared for IPP procurement and what investment due diligence should municipalities do now to get ready?



COLLABORATION | Unpacking the value of collaboration between industries and sharing what has worked and what has failed

Table Captain:                            Elmarie Goosen, Director of Operations, On Purpose


PANEL DISCUSSION | Sensible B-BBEE Compliance Public Sector
The SCM domain is a function of legislative prescripts. How each entity will respond will directly link to the strategic role of procurement during tough economic times.

How do you create a B-BBEE Compliance Report that is comprehensive and measurable?  What are the guidelines and how are spheres of government, organs of state and public entities measured on compliance?
Can compliance be a value creation enabler in public sector?
Does technical compliance trump service delivery and value for money?

Moderator:                                        Monica Molise, Chief Executive Officer, Dirang Economic Empowerment Professionals, Trustee, Attacq Foundation                                                  

Panelists:                                                  Masechaba Sesing, Provincial Accountant General (PAG), Free State Provincial Treasury            Basani Duiker, Chief Director: SCM GMC, Office of the CPO, National Treasury                                Kate Kethile Moloto, Chairperson: Stakeholder Relations and Transformation, Association of B-BBEE Professionals (ABP)

PRESENTATION | World Class Procurement Organisations vs. Average Procurement Organisations                                                    World-Class Procurement is a balancing act of satisfying the sourcing requirements and organisational strategy.

What are the key elements that make you a “procurement master” and a “high-performer” and separate you from the rest of the pack?

Chris Sawchuk, Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader, The Hackett Group

PRESENTATION | Government Finance and Governance                        Effective SCM and expenditure procedures that eliminate unauthorised, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

Fikile Khumalo, Director Material Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Supply Chain Management (SCM), Department of Defence


CROSS LEARNING | What can government learn from the private sector’s winning ESD models?

Table Captain:                              Annie McWalter, Chief Executive Officer, SAICA Enterprise Development


INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: Ethics and Professionalisation in Kenya                                                      Codes of ethics and professionalisation are invaluable for procurement and supply chain practice in the public sector. What has been the influence of strong ethical policies and codes on procurement performance of state corporations (SOEs) in Kenya?

Co-Presentation:                             Michael Masinde, BA,PgDip,MBA(Ops),CPSP,CIPS, Secretary, CIPS Kenya Branch Committee                                                  Mollen Atieno, Chief Procurement Officer, NexGen Fuel Works

PRESENTATION | Project Management and World Class Procurement                                    Procurement people deals with a lot of project based work that require them to have indepth understanding of complex project management.

This session gives you practical tools and knowledge you need to help you transform your procurement function into a world-class business unit using agile project management guiding principles. See how project-based procurement work can be done more effectively and efficiently, on time and within budget.

Ndabeni Bagosi (MBA), Head of Projects: Cost and Agility Programme (CAP), Total

CASE STUDY | Administrative Justice In Municipal Supply Chain Management (PAJA)                    What is administrative justice? What are the important points a Municipal SCM Practioner should be aware of?                                        What in PAJA can protect me where there is a risk of a possible cost judgement in the joint and several liability findings? Discussing a case of Westwood vs Ethekwini 8221/16

Matodzi Ratshimbilani, Director, TGR Attorneys


PERFORMANCE | What should be the KPIs for a Transformation Manager?

Table Captain:                        Dionne Kerr, Chief Executive Officer, Siyakha Consulting


PANEL DISCUSSION | The New Procurement Act                                     The National Treasury is seeking public comments into the recently published draft Public Procurement Bill. The draft bill proposes a single regulatory framework for procurement applicable to national, provincial and local government, as well as state owned entities.

What are the guiding pronciples of the new act and what will be the implications on day to day lives of supply chain practioners in public sector?

PRESENTATION | Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) as the Game Changer After Cost Cutting                           A procurement function focused on cost savings alone will never achieve real value. See how procurement professionals should use VAVE to shift the emphasis from cost-cutting to value generation in their organisations.

Discussing:                                                                After cost-cutting, what’s next? How do you interrogate your procurement strategy and redirect your efforts beyond cost savings?        How do you manage continuous cost-cutting pressure from the top?

Zinhle Dube, Managing Partner, Smukeliso Sourcing Solutions

PRESENTATION | Municipal Infrastructure Procurement, Asset Management and Asset Registry.                          Infrastructure is an important aspect of efficient and effective public procurement at local government. But how can municipalities avoid underspending on their infrastructure budgets and grants – both new and maintenance? And what are the top tips for maintaining a better asset register?

Dr Ron Watermeyer, Director, Infrastructure Options


A panel discussion by table Round Table Captains

Moderator:                             Owen van Dongen, Chief Operating Officer, Lean Enterprise Acceleration Programme (LEAP)

Panelists:                                          Dionne Kerr, Chief Executive Officer, Siyakha Consulting                                  Elmarie Goosen, Director of Operations, Collective Value Creation                              Annie McWalter, Chief Executive Officer, SAICA Enterprise Development         Yugen Pillay, Director and National Leader– Business Consulting, Grant Thornton




PRESENTATION | Getting Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)                                                                                                                                                   As the world embraces 4IR of artificial intelligence, robotics and the internet of things, the challenge for Africa is providing the knowledge and skills needed for the emerging world of work. Some organisations are already preparing for 4IR, which is envisioned to radically change manufacturing processes, business models and supply chain networks.

What does South Africa need to do to get ready for the 4IR from a supply chain perspective?

Maryanne Obwaka, International Digital Transformation and Chief Information Officer, PrestigeIQ, Canada


KEYNOTE | Ethics in Strategic Planning                                                                                                                                                                                                                Building ethics into strategic planning is an important consideration for top management when setting organisational processes and objectives. Crafting consistent values and ethics into an organisation’s culture starts with effective strategic planning.

How procurement should be positioned to talk ethics and strategy at the same time?                                                                                                                    How are ethical considerations incorporated into planning and policy making in an organisation?

Willem Ellis, Research Fellow: Centre for Ethics, Gender & Africa Studies, Faculty: The Humanities, University of the Free State


CLOSING INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE | The Rands and Sense of Procurement’s Real Value

This keynote address focuses on the savings and value calculations that procurement departments should consider deploying to build a credible reputation and internal brand for driving value.

Jonathan Hughes, Partner, Vantage Partners, USA